a tiring weekend

posted on 01 Feb 2010 04:06 by subpadon in Diary

This is just a the last weekend of January just before we begin a new month and go back to our ordinary life on the coming Monday. Imperial College, my university, has held the most important conference of Thai students in UK called 'Samaggi Conference'. Working behind the scenes can obviously be very tiring but as long as you are willing to work, you will be happy to be exhausted due to doing work.

SOMEONE keeps complaining they work really hard and that seems not to be fair. When SOMEONE is really tired, they completely forget that others are still working tiredly. Just because they do not speak out loud their tiredness doesn't mean that they aren't exhausted. Working with this kind of SOMEONE sometimes makes me feel irritated but how can we do with that? We have to learn to work with variety types of people, don't we?