the old person.

posted on 19 Jan 2010 18:17 by subpadon

Have you ever woken up in the very early morning due to your dream?

It's really hard to forget someone despite of the fact that you aren't even sure that you truly love him/her or not. It's just kind of can't forget; strongly strictly remember his/her face and can't delete him/her out of your mind. Although you know that he/she doesn't feel the same as you, you can't stop your heart thinking of what he/she has done for or with you. That's really tough situation, isn't it?

Woken up in the very early morning (around six) without the need to do so. Couldn't go back to sleep but kept crying for like minutes. It has been very long time since we last met but don't really understand why is it so hard to forget. Always tell myself to do so but it always leaves behind the little 'hopeless hope' which can come true only in imagination.

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