Me, Myself

posted on 10 Oct 2009 05:40 by subpadon in Diary

I'm now an Imperial College student studying geology and geophysics which might not be interesting for most of you however, I choose to study this field of science due to the fact that I got the scholarship to study in this subject.

The question is why do I choose this scholarship. I don't really know myself as well. It might be because I think this can make me get richer than I used to but after being a Thai Scholar receiving money from Thai Government, which obviously come from Thai people, I've changed my mind. The goal now is to studying and get as much knowledge as I am able to so that I can improve all the Thai society, not only the Science society but also the social one.

That goal can be too hard to reach and I don't even think that I'm able to do so. I sometimes do think that Thai government may choose a wrong person and that must be a very big mistake they did.

Hopefully, the things will get better and better. I can just wait and do my best for today and now on.